The Campaign

UK Lifeguard Solidarity Group was formed in March 2020 to represent professional Lifeguards, Lifeguard Supervisors and Lifeguard Operational Assistants seeking financial protection under the Government’s Covid-19 job retention scheme (furlough).

Our Mission

We aim to bring positive change to the current government legislation though lobbying MP’s, publicising our efforts and by working with the RNLI to formulate a suitable support package.

Why we need support

The RNLI relies on our skills and experience every year to deliver its lifesaving work across
the extensive coastline around this country.

Please help us spread our cause by:

1) Signing up to our Petition and share far and wide.
2) Share our media stories and press coverage.
3) Join the UK Lifeguard Solidarity Facebook group if you are a lifeguard in the U.K.

We believe that as operational staff we deserve financial protection until we are able to
return to our work – keeping beaches a safe, fun and inclusive space for all.

Lifeguarding is a source of pride, personal identity and sole financial means for many. The skills, knowledge and experience of this professional cohort ensured that 118 lives were saved and over 12,000 people were rescued during 2018.

95% of a Lifeguards job is preventative, during the same period Lifeguards performed over 3million preventive actions. This key work involves informing the public of dangers and reducing the number of incidents on our beaches – allowing our communities and visitors to enjoy their leisure time safely.

What will happen once restrictions are lifted:

As front line workers in coastal communities often reliant on tourism, we want to be part of the recovery. Ensuring the coast is patrolled by professional lifeguards in a safe and
responsible manner.

Tom Houghton (RNLI Senior Lifeguard, Newquay):

“With the prospect of restrictions being lifted in the summer months, the worry is that the
beaches will see record numbers of families and other visitors flocking to the coast – it will be a real struggle for lifeguards to provide any kind of lifesaving service without financial support for the staff now.”

“Training to be a lifeguard is tough – you have to understand the dangers of the sea and the coastline, be physically fit enough to rescue people in rough water, be competent in advanced first aid. If experienced lifeguards have to get other work to make ends meet and they aren’t available when the service is needed in the summer, they won’t be easy to replace.”

How you can help

We are asking people who agree with the need for a comprehensive lifeguard service, to sign our petition and contact their MPs. We need to ensure lifeguards can #RETURNTOSHORE and de-liver their lifesaving work once restrictions are lifted.

Read More Stories

People and families have been impacted by the issues raised in this campaign, you can read about some of our lifeguard’s personal stories here.