Yasmin Matthews

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Where do you currently lifeguard?

West Cornwall – Penwith

What skills and experience do you have in Lifeguarding?

Every year we receive peerless training by the RNLI in first aid, water safety techniques and craft skills. This is my sixth returning season, continuing to expand my knowledge and skills every year.

How have you been impacted by the lack of financial/gov support?

It has been a very stressful time, with so many uncertainties and no financial stability. The country may be on lockdown but unfortunately the bills keep coming. Even as highly trained professionals, we seem to have little/no government support through these unprecedented times, left to feel dishearten and disappointed.

Can you recall an incident/rescue that you are you most proud of during your career with the RNLI?

Last year my colleagues and I responded to a major incident, a casualty unconscious on the sand. This turned into a multi agency mission to save his life. Our professionalism and ability to respond quickly and effectively were highlighted and we were awarded the Cornwall Emergency Services Award 2019. I am so proud to be a part of team which continues to deliver a high quality service each and every year.

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