Tom Houghton

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Where do you currently lifeguard?

Newquay, Cornwall

What skills and experience do you have in Lifeguarding?

I currently work as a Senior Lifeguard, managing a small team of lifeguards at Mawgan Porth, it is one of the more dangerous beaches in the Newquay area – prone to strong currents. This would’ve been my 10th consecutive year working for the RNLI.

How have you been impacted by the lack of financial/gov support?

The uncertainty having my regular employment taken away has influenced every aspect of my life. I have two small children and making sure I can provide for my family is my focus. Like so many people I am really worried about the health implications of Covid19 and the financial implications for my household.

Can you recall an incident/rescue that you are you most proud of during your career with the RNLI?

Every time a lifeguard has to enter the water – they are risking their personal safety. Knowing that because of our actions as a team, that lives have been saved is a great feel-ing. Now I have small children, any time I rescue or assist children – it really brings it home what we do.

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