Sam Chamberlain

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Where do you currently lifeguard?

Perranporth, Cornwall

What skills and experience do you have in Lifeguarding?

10 seasons at Perranporth plus a season apiece in New Zealand and West Australia. I am an RNLI Beach Trainer/Assessor which means I can deliver training and assessment on powered craft for new lifeguards.

How have you been impacted by the lack of financial/gov support?

Relying on my small amount of savings (we were saving for a house) plus my wives furlough in-come for food, rent and bills. Unable to get furlough from previous employer. Reluctant to find other employment as I feel obliged to be ready to return to the beach as soon as this has passed.

Can you recall an incident/rescue that you are you most proud of during your career with the RNLI?

The resuscitation of a two year old girl who had fallen in the river at the south end of the beach.

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