John Newman

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Where do you currently lifeguard?

Scottish Borders, Coldingham Bay

What skills and experience do you have in Lifeguarding?

Full time professional Lifeguard.
8 years for the RNLI. I spend seven months a year working in Sydney, Australia for the Northern Beaches Council, then a 4 months in Scotland as a Senior Guard. I’m an RNLI Trainer Assessor which means I can deliver training on the coast.

How have you been impacted by the lack of financial/gov support?

After the Foreign Office advised Brits abroad to return home, I cut my season short in Australia by 3 weeks in case I couldn’t get a flight out, the RNLI Lifeguard season was still going ahead then. By the time I got back into the country the season was postponed and I realised that we weren’t going to get any financial support from the government.

I have applied to work on every single farm within a 50 mile radios but I haven’t heard anything back.

Job Seekers Allowance has still not come in so I have no income currently. Fortunately my parents have let me move in with them when I returned back to Scotland.

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